Mighty Artist Owls of Guilford



1. First, The M.A.O.G. learned about mosaics, vocabulary, looked at examples and created mosaic words on paper, and mosaic style paintings.

2. On our first field trip the scholars learned all of the steps to make a mosaic.  We took a field trip to a real mosaic studio and learned the direct method of placing tesserae (mosaic objects) onto mortar (you can read all about the field trip down below 'Mosaic Artists in the Making')

3. Then we set up our own mosaic studio for our art club in the art room of the school.  The youth ran the show and completed their own personal mosaics from start to finish with very little help from me!  These mosaics are displayed in the far right frame with engraved name plates under each one. 

4. The final mosaics are found right through the front door of the school, you can't miss them!  So, we needed a welcome sign for all of the visitors to see.  The far left sign says 'Welcome To Guilford' and has a flashy mosaic border around it.

5. The motto for their school is 'Reach For the Stars', so the scholars wanted to represent the star (center mosaic) using all of the school colors, yellow, blue, and white.   

6. After the art club created the star, we set up a station in the hallway of the school and the scholars taught fellow students how to apply the colors around the outside of the star.   

7. Once all of the pieces were in place the scholars learned how to apply grout to this mosaic.

8. They assembled the frames... 

and the final pieces are just BEAUTIFUL!

They did an amazing job! ------->>>

Dreamers in the Making

During art club, we had the pleasure of visiting the Dream House for a Youth Dreamers Youth Development Workshop.  Among the many fun activities they did was learn about public speaking skills.

They decided the best way to thank the Youth Dreamers was to put their public speaking skills in action!
In this short video they describe their experience in a advertisement for the workshop.  Pictures of their trip are below.  Enjoy!

Mosaics Artists in the Making

Yay!! Field trip day!! The scholars had a GREAT field trip to mosaic artist Cinder Hypki's studio. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Ariel Wilks
"We went to the garden and took pictures of the mosaic in the ground and then we went to the studio and made practice mosaics. We mixed the mortar and we broke our Backer Board. We also got a choice to pick what we wanted to be on the mosaics. We took a whole lot of pictures and had lots of fun!"

Keaira Whack
"We explored using new materials like beach glass, jewelry, mirrors and glass tiles."

Nyvasia Couser
"The studio was beautiful."

Destiny Dashield
"It was an inspiring experience."

Shanelle Pitt
"This is like an Alice in Wonderland moment, but with art!"

Mariah Holmes
"I've got the power! The power of art!" (holding up a mosaic)

When we got to the artist studio. Ms. Hypki was so kind and generous to the youth. She warmed their tummies with hot beverages and then we all sat around a communal work space and had a nice discussion and show and tell of the dazzling artwork in her studio space.

After a brief chat it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work! The youth first learned about the safe handling and preparing of their mosaic materials. Then they scored and broke the Backerboard that is used to support the mosaic. Next came the mixing and stirring of the mortar used to adhere their mosaic tesserae (tiles, found objects etc.) to the Backergoard. When the materials were prepared, smoothed and mixed, the scholars got to choose from a bounty of treasures to use at their own discretion for their very own mosaic. They shared materials wonderfully and assisted each other through all of these processes. They made sure that every person had a turn to practice each step along the way.

I had a chance to follow up with the artist facilitator after the workshop was over and she had such wonderful things to say about this group of girls. She appreciated how helpful they were in cleaning up, they were attentive, patient, helpful with each other and worked as a good team. They were very focused on their projects (even as we got rushed with time towards the end) and put so much effort and energy into creating some beautiful pieces of artwork with wonderful stories behind them.

I also am so very proud of these scholars. They curiosity and creativity shined! They learned very quickly and applied what they learned immediately.  It could not have gone any better. They represented Guilford Elementary Middle School very well. I had such a great time with  them! This experience will serve us well as we continue making our own mosaic project for the school this spring.